From Elixir enthusiast and LiveView advocate, Chris Gregori

The Phoenix LiveView Cookbook

From beginner to expert: Elevate your Phoenix LiveView skills with the ebook containing tried and tested recipes for solving common problems.

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Elixir is a glorious programming language. It’s built on the strong and stable core of Erlangs BEAM runtime to be scalable right out of the box, it has an easy-to-understand messaging system, it’s fast, has a beautiful syntax, and metaprogramming provides magic to your fingertips. It’s easily my favourite programming language.

Phoenix is a beautiful web framework - it’s concise, comes with just enough of the tools you want to help you be productive yet not restrictive, and best of all, it comes with LiveView.

This isn’t a book about teaching the fundamentals of OTP.
This is a book for getting sh*t done.*
*In a beautiful way with Phoenix LiveView

I’m an avid Indiehacker, I build side-projects all the time and I absolutely love doing it - there really is nothing quite like a launch day, watching all that work bear fruit (successful or otherwise).

But building SaaS products, software and other online offerings involves a lot of work. Sure you could opt for no-code solutions, which are incredible these days, but they lack the fine-tuning you can provide with your own honed, coding skills.

Elixir is my stack of choice if I need a website that can easily talk to a database, or if I want to scaffold something with a real-time user-experience. It’s my favourite language, and it’s picking up so much traction - but it’s still young.

I’m writing this book because whilst the community and documentation of Phoenix LiveView and Elixir are stellar, I still had to figure out so much of it by myself to solve common problems and implement features other languages have documented a hundred times over online.

I’m writing the book I wish I had in my hands when I started using Phoenix LiveView.

“How do I implement infinite scrolling in pages with large collections?”
“How do I test my LiveComponents for peace of mind?”
“How do I implement server-side analytics to avoid Google Analytics being blocked?”
“How do I trigger front-end animations from the server?”
“How do I keep my users data in-sync in real-time?”

What if you had a book of cheat-codes telling you exactly how?

What if you could ship faster to millions of users by utlising the magic of the BEAM runtime and Elixir with Phoenix LiveView with re-usable coding patterns?

That’s exactly why I’m writing this book.

My goal is to provide you with a small but succinct handbook detailing how to implement common solutions to problems you’ll want to solve if you’re building a site with Phoenix LiveView.

What will be covered?

LiveView Basics
Testing LiveComponents
Testing LiveViews
Testing Phoenix Components
Infinite scroll
URL based sorting & filtering
Server-side analytics
Front-end animations that trigger from the server
Auto-completion select inputs
SEO optimisation
And much more +

Who should read this book?

  • Indiehackers & Programming Entrepreneurs looking to develop or start a new SaaS or digital product
  • Developers looking to get into the BEAM world - this book does not cover Elixir fundamentals and expects some semblance of Elixir and Phoenix familiarit but is a good jumping off point to see how easy building features in LiveView is
  • Curious polyglots looking to see what all the fuss is about with Elixir and LiveView
  • Inspired engineers looking to leverage BEAM to create their dream business with ease
  • Anyone that has ever tried to scour the internet for an in-depth LiveView testing tutorial

About the author

Hey! My name is Chris Gregori and I am a Staff Engineer @ and indiehacker based in London. During my career, I have lead teams working on award-winning projects, utilised dozens of stacks across a wide-range of industries in software and given birth to scores of side-projects.

I have been working professionally with Elixir for over 4 years, tackling a myriad of problems both at work and during the development of my many side projects.

I am an avid blogger, photographer, cook, and mostly relevant to you, I am a huge fan of Elixir & LiveView.


  • How long will the finished result be?

    I am aiming for 40 pages for the final version based on the content I have lined up - based on feedback I will add additional content and chapters after the initial release and all purchasers will be sent an email with an update copy of the files if anything is changed or revised.

  • When is the book going to be available?

    Judging by my writing speed I should be ready for a first release in Spring 2023 - any delays will be relayed to anyone who has registered interest and my Twitter followers.

  • How is the book going to be released?

    The book will be available in pdf and epub formats on Gumroad. If there is sufficient interest, I will take a look at publishing hard-copies as well.

  • Can I influence the books contents

    Absolutely! I believe heavily in building in public - if there is something you want to see in the book, and I have the capacity to cover, let me know and I will do my best.

  • Can I leave a testimonial?

    If you enjoy the book and the content I cover, please feel free to message me on Twitter and let me know!