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“This book cements itself as the definitive guide to wielding Elixir’s most powerful UI tool.”

Conor Sinclair, Full-stack developer

The Phoenix LiveView Cookbook

Elevate your Phoenix LiveView skills with the ebook containing tried and tested recipes for solving common problems.

Phoenix is a beautiful web framework - it’s concise, comes with just enough of the tools you want to help you be productive yet not restrictive, and best of all, it comes with LiveView.

Elixir is a glorious programming language. It’s built on the strong and stable core of Erlangs BEAM runtime to be scalable right out of the box, it has an easy-to-understand messaging system, it’s fast, has a beautiful syntax, and metaprogramming provides magic to your fingertips. It’s easily my favourite programming language.

I’m an avid Indiehacker, I build side-projects all the time and I absolutely love doing it - there really is nothing quite like a launch day, watching all that work bear fruit (successful or otherwise).

But building SaaS products, software and other online offerings involves a lot of work. Sure you could opt for no-code solutions, which are incredible these days, but they lack the fine-tuning you can provide with your own honed, coding skills.

Elixir is my stack of choice if I need a website that can easily talk to a database, or if I want to scaffold something with a real-time user-experience. It’s my favourite language, and it’s picking up so much traction - but it’s still young, sometimes you won't easily find the resources for...

  • Implementing infinite scrolling with virtualised lists
  • Triggering front-end animations from the server
  • Keeping users data in-sync in real-time
  • Implementing server-side analytics to avoid Google Analytics being blocked
  • Testing your LiveView, LiveComponents & Functional Components

That resource is right here.

I’m writing this book because whilst the community and documentation of Phoenix LiveView and Elixir are stellar, I still had to figure out so much of it by myself to solve common problems and implement features other languages have documented a hundred times over online.

I've written the book I wish I had in my hands when I started using Phoenix LiveView.

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Table of contents

Get a look at all of the content covered in the book. Everything you need to know is inside.

“LiveView Cookbook” is comprised of 65 tightly edited, code-example ridden pages designed to teach you everything you need to know about creating, launching and maintaining beautiful LiveView projects.

  1. Introduction

  2. Core Knowledge

  3. Testing

  4. Interoping with JavaScript

  5. Common Recipes & How-tos

  6. Third-party Libraries you should know

Target audience

Designed for beginners and experienced developers alike.

You might be wondering if this book is for you, but this book has been written to be accessible. For any and all of the following:

  1. Indiehackers

    Indiehackers & Programming Entrepreneurs looking to develop or start a new SaaS or digital product

  2. BEAM Fans

    Developers looking to get into the BEAM world - this book does not cover Elixir fundamentals and expects some semblance of Elixir and Phoenix familiarit but is a good jumping off point to see how easy building features in LiveView is

  3. Polyglots

    Curious polyglots looking to see what all the fuss is about with Elixir and LiveView

  4. Inspired engineers

    Inspired engineers looking to leverage BEAM to create their dream business with ease

  5. Those who test-driven-develop

    Anyone that has ever tried to scour the internet for an in-depth LiveView testing tutorial

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Some kind words from early customers...

I worked with a small group of early access customers to make sure all of the content in the book was exactly what they needed. Hears what they had to say about the finished product.

    • The LiveView Cookbook is the book I wish I had when I first learned Phoenix. Whether you’re a Frontend engineer looking for what’s possible without JS or a backend engineer looking to build reactive UIs without leaving Elixir, Chris guides us through the core concepts building on the fundamentals of Elixir and the web platform

      Jack Rhodes
      Jack Rhodes
      Lead Full-stack Developer
    • This book cements itself as the definitive guide to wielding Elixir’s most powerful UI tool. Through expertly crafted, highly practical examples, it unlocks the full potential of real-time reactivity in a clear, understandable way. Required reading for all aspiring Elixir developers.

      Conor Sinclair
      Conor Sinclair
      Full-stack Engineer
    • As someone with no prior LiveView experience I was thrilled with how approachable the contents were and how quickly I was able to get into it. The different recipes provided great context for how I could approach LiveView and provided tangible additions to projects that are easy to implement. With the basis the book provides and the threads it encouraged me to explore I would strongly recommend this to someone new to LiveView and I imagine it would be a great companion for those already well versed.

      Matthew Norman
      Matthew Norman
      Managing Director - Questionable Quality
    • I've been working as a front end developer for over a decade, and made the switch from the Node and React ecosystem to an Elixir stack about a year ago. I've been interested in LiveView ever since, but so far haven't worked on any projects that fit its use case. I'm now in a position where I need to get back up to speed quickly before starting a new project that makes use of an existing LiveView codebase, and this book has got me feeling comfortable and ready to start contributing in a couple of hours, building upon my existing knowledge. Thanks Chris!

      Thomas Williams
      Thomas Williams
      Lead Full-stack Developer
Chris Gregori


Chris Gregori – Hey there, I’m the author behind 'LiveView Cookbook’.

Hey! My name is Chris Gregori and I am a Staff Engineer @ Multiverse.io and indiehacker based in London. During my career, I have lead teams working on award-winning projects, utilised dozens of stacks across a wide-range of industries in software and given birth to scores of side-projects.

I have been working professionally with Elixir for over 4 years, tackling a myriad of problems both at work and during the development of my (purely LiveView) many side projects.

I am an avid blogger, photographer, cook, and mostly relevant to you, I am a huge fan of Elixir & LiveView.

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